Lingering In The Silence

On a cold night in December
Alone she walks the lonely road
The moon never shone any brighter
Owls hanging on the town walls
Glancing furtively at the drifting lonesome
Their descending cry, Oh! How mournful!
Yet melodically play the pain inside her
Rain pours under the booming thunder
Clouds struggle to tower her anger
Let the soul enjoy the dew of momental slumber
Betrayed was her soul by the resident stranger
She walked mourning the glow that faded beneath the weeping willows
Whom she could follow but her fading shadows
Her feet sailed in the mud and drifted
Over the hills she slipped and lingered
Beheld the wide at a sad glance and wondered
If only her soul could fly into the highest skies and wander
Seek mercy that never touched earthly face
Breathe freedom and let it bathe into her veins
In her fantasy her soul flew happily
Caught her lips smiling unawarely
Awakened by the sound of hope cracking
Felt her soul drenched in fateful frustration
The moment felt eternal, surpassed all promising destinations
Remained unswerved in her very place
On the grass she laid her disquiet remains
“Debt that all men pay is death”
In her head the thought stood resolute
Questioning life and wisdom… none is absolute
Salvation is not just a true red drop of blood shed
Bravery uncrowned by a fake glaze of glory
Glorious heroes from the mud they rose
Infinity was never made to last
Have they ever wished to collapse
On a lonely night of desperation
Or longed to win on a wishful night and glorify their sacred mission
Too much swinging back and forth in her head
Pain is the only resident evil in her heart
Her love tempts nobody
Forsaken her vulnerable entity
Sought the roads to forgiveness
Yet left lingering in the wild silence


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