Blood on My Poetry Notebook

I sit alone talking to myself in private
In my own little chamber of secrets
These walls can never breach the oath
They’d once vowed to keep it
Seized my pen and my notebook
Yet could not dare taint the whiteness
A small cascade of thoughts dug deep into my head
Magnified within the craving desire for revenge
As my pen rouses from its quiescence
Strives to spell v-e-n-g-e-a-n-c-e
Heard the invader’s footsteps ascending my tired stairs
Looked up with ultimate confidence
These bones can never deny the moron’s gutlessness
There stood his shadow, building up in my presence
His false holiness banished the demons before the angels
I stood alone exorcizing the prince of the darkness
Claims to be human
God know … No earthly fire could burn his torrid core
Spoke to me words that human speak
Words like home, love and surrender
For whom and with whom … I stood bewildered
Mesmerized by his intricate wicked fantasy or reality
My Lord… his words were poisoned arrows pierced into my body
This unendurable punishment for the not-proven-guilty
Even a monster would have sucked my blood
Wouldn’t let it hopelessly running
Thousand prayers never saved the innocent
Only crowned the devil’s ruthlessness
Hear voices telling me that I should have some faith
I should believe
I’m dear to God … I’m here to believe
I swear I believe and believe and believe
In the one and only one above me
One day … so soon … it seems coming
Your fate is doomed to a daunting ending
Every breath of pride from you I shall retrieve
Go pound the doors of forgiveness
Promise me!
You’ll be freed from all the guilt against humanity plus me
I shall wait here in the chamber of secrets scorning your animosity
Dry my dear bloody poetry notebook
Listen to the crows’ cry over your dead memory


3 thoughts on “Blood on My Poetry Notebook

  1. i like this one alot, deep deep feelins, it can take the form and the shape of anything, or any issue, very good May, keep up the good work, and beware of the (you know who), u dnt wanna end up trapped in their hands 😛

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