Tonight I Smile For You

Look into my eyes
Tell me, what do you see?
Clouds of pain waiting to stream
Captured innocence longing to break free
Frightened pride for fear of defeat
Do you see lifetime of untold tails
A slow moving train of desire flames
Or a broken sight without a sense of feeling

As a deep well I swallow your existence
Taste my wine and you shall not resist it
Climbed mountains of fear before you
Drowned in the filthiest swamps and here I am
Looking into your eyes … I see!
A bird flying over the deep blue sea
Wandering in space
Found no shore not even its tree
I look into your eyes … I contemplate my fate
Do I foresee my reflection or is it you wanting to flee

Sound of the violin vibrate in the deep silence
Reach out for my hand … hold me near
Do you feel me real?
Tonight red is my passion paint
Wore it for love more than once … I can’t wait
Build more than just castles in the sand
Will you still hold my hand?
Or send me away to the “Never” Land


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