Kiss Me After Sunset

Leave me alone to my doubt and misery
Let your wide open smile cease to tempt me
Breathe not a sigh when you look me in the eye
No more hearing “your beauty makes my world crumble and bow”
You see through me You think you show me before I fall
Didn’t know I stumbled before I crawled Cried rivers the sun won’t dry
Surrendered to the quick fall of the dam that stood high
Never follow your blind will to defy
The high waves you meet beyond the eye
Promise you it won’t rain, even if folded in your arms
Never speak to me a word of lie
Never dream of a you and I
Feel failed to overwhelm my emptiness
In my shell I am safe and covered I cry … I laugh … I speak to no other
Shed bitterness in no one’s presence
Constantly yearning for sweet smell of freedom
Frightened by its rough grin … so unattainable
Walls of remorse were not built to shutter
Happiness chewed and swallowed
Agony remains … it grows big and solid
Sail not in storms … fight not in windy weathers
Journey after journey will take you away Days and days will not bring you closer to the day
You think you conquered the castle of a girl in dismay
Silently swallow your defeat
Walk away from the battle field
Send all your white horses to a final retreat
Leave the unicorn die alone on her own feet
Turn away from me … show no pity
As you see the soul fly up to the sky
The sun is our witness … so are the clouds
Yearn for neither my fire nor my ice
Innocence like the smell lives in the air
Never vanishes … only nice breeze sends it away
By the remains you shall live till the day you give the last vow
Its time to lay your head low and kiss the hand
That same hand that made you believe you’ll own the world
As your lips taste the holly skin
Tell a prayer after the sun falls down into its sack



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