he said

He said:
You’re cold and defiant
Your warmth somewhere inside of you sheltered
I look into your eyes craving to melt away your frozen fright
Desire raging within like a spring dry roaring wind
Longing to touch the skin boasting about its holiness
Shake the lips constantly praying for forgiveness
Your heart is freezing cold … impossible to conquer, I am told
Fear me not … your hand, I’m here to hold
Allow my lust and my heat wrap you from your head to your feet
Invite me to the fight … don’t declare my defeat … so soon as I lay in my restful seat
Tiring memories churning within you … I am a God-send at your rescue
I am a fighter … I am a warrior … I bring high walls to the underground
I slay the shadows … I brought to blooddrops a chronic sound
Reject me … your dreams will go astray like mislead hounds
My curse will fall upon you … so bide under my unfolded wings
Uninvited is my soul to your heart … I still can follow the light in your dark
Venturous is my name … smooth is my slaughter game
You stand defiant in the most Gracious’s name
You rituals won’t save you from the Virgin’s slave
I ask you to carry yourself with the cool wind
Bring submission beneath your wings and unwind
Let your roses bend towards the light and flourish
Do you hear my calling, have your thoughts yet run wild?
Hold your grace … let it climb my shiny sword
Drive your quivering wish into a new path of salvation
Send your desire into no humanly limitations
Combine your strength with mine
Together we can create a world free of absolution

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