lOST…. for words

little flames churn in the wilderness
yet the flickers loathe to guide me
no sun shines reach the darkness
the warmth fails to cover me
lost the steps i followed desperately
to where i  saw the light shimmering
cast my hopes far up the stranded shore
like a tired fish put out to the land at loss
what should save a weary creature when its lost
i am scared, mistrusting and i am lost
 i am lost for words

crucified by pain … paralyzed by fear
they hear my lips speak a language my eyes don’t read
see delight covered by cheerless glooms
my skin longs for divine droplets of dew
remorseful crawls to heaven , creep so slow
need a savior from life and its fearful laws
sorry for all mistakes and tearful flaws
i am sad, iam lost, i am lost for words

there’s a dream further than heaven’s breeze
walked the longest roads to learn to believe
tonight may not be the night i leave
embraced the shadows scattered in the atmospheres
deceived, but i  will not learn to betray
the ocean soul let all the sailors play
once the tides come untroubled
only the good ones remain
live and die in one moment
yet dare not forget face the fears … taken along the years
i will learn my lesson today
you walk me to heaven’s stairway
i  will learn to obey
you learn to hold me with care
in your arms i  will learn to fade
but until the day finally lands
i will remain lost for words.


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