He’s gone far beyond any possible revival. Any human reawakening attempts wouldn’t untake her one and only baby from her warm bosom. She’s in the car, on her way to the hospital, unquestioning any chances of death. Only hope breathing deeply in her lungs unstripping all walls of faith in Gods mercifulness she still has. Thoughts cascade in her mind unsilencing all voices of reason. Never in her life had she ever imagined herself dragged down to this alley, struggling to keep her baby alive. Too many questions unfold in her head, oh how she wished she could let it undrive her insane. What she can’t understand – how could a simple cough lead to a weeklong residence in intensive care! Losing him is just unacceptable and unbearable. Streets are packed with cars of all sizes, she remained uninfuriated by the usual traffic disorder of the city. Not seeing anyone, not hearing anyone, not speaking with anyone, in her tired mind hope was her solace, unclouding the ugly truth to reign over her thoughts. She’s at the hospital’s gate, unprepared for the sorrowful reality. The car stops infront of the hospital building, as she descends from the car she couldn’t erase what her eyes had harvested.


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