White Pearl Bangle

She lays her velvet fingers on the bangle feels her heart swinging in her chest like a boat racing against the darkness to tame the raging waves of the black sea. Dreading the softness and feel like every pearl is one inch closer to the bottom of desperation she had been dwelling in. Bitter wind of a landless escapee seeping through her bones frosting all residue of common sense. The slippery edges fraying her undying faith in reviving any hopes for survival in a world, its humans, instead of making peace with the wildest of earthly monsters, stealthily devoured all animality inhabiting the universe and deprived them monsters of their right to live up to their nature. Whirling endlessly in a rounded shape of glowing boundaries, enticing her existence to appear, possess the hollowness, my friend, the very core is full of it, like a lonely cloud hanging amidst a stormy weather contemplating suicide before the wind vigorously bleeds it dry.


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