Moonlit Land of the Passionate


 Into the desert saluted by the ethereal brightness of the moon in its full parameter, gently they blurred the silence knotting the surface of the arena, driven by the magic of momentful desires and wishes for a future ripe with their togetherness. The wind vowed its dance would not shake the human phenomenon, but only for their amusement. The earth stood still, mesmerized by the two lovers in rapture. His eyes met two sparkling moons; the eyes of his beloved. Out of his shell he ventures to hold her hand, his touch ambushed in her warmth, felt every tissue of her brown creamy skin as a destination to where his home lies. Her misty black hair comfortably seated on her shoulders framed a face that never in his life had his eyes beheld such beauty in his bitter cold land. His piercing gaze transcended reality, a million stories unfold in his head of her; a lover, a partner and a mother of his children, filling the silence wrapping their moonlit passion. Not a word uttered, yet she read all the chapters of his power, his pleasure, his pain, frightened by the unknown if it did them part. Her eyes wandered desperately like a dying soul awaiting heavenly mercifulness. Their grip tightened, troubles mounted and sealed with droplets of joy and hope filled his eyes and went beyond resilience making her sudden weary solitude finally soothed.



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