Awaited Love From Above

Even demons gave up drifting this silly yearning apart

It would rather be stupid to think we can restart

A story has turned not the way I planned

What can a drunk with love someone do?

Only ancient memories keep me in the row

Deliberately homeless yet unlike the ones who have no home

I’m calling on divine mercy to carry this pain away

This lingering…this waiting…this hopelessness so far away

Heal this broken heart soaked in deep yearning

For special someone… not listening … perhaps  no longer among the living

His shadows abandoned my sight

This chase is a curseful plight

Guilt has captured my pride

Sometimes hope plays about my soul

Wake up to find myself so left behind

My God! I’m drowning in an ocean of my self-woven illusions

Wrapped in a fire burning chain of aoristic conclusions

Lost my way in a maze of unrealistic solutions

Discarded your signs and here I am begging for your Most kind re-intrusion

Guess I need a miracle to undash those ruthlessly grinded dreams

By those storming soldiers of so-called-love and their unforgiving techniques

Unarmored good will was my last fleet

In a war of who dies first of this disease

My war tactics thought it maybe too late to retreat

My total defeat for which I stand solitary to greet

In this carnival of damage they left complete

My Lord, if only you accept my prayers and my pleas

Send this heart to an unshattering ease

Circumambulating in your galaxy of love

Is all what your poor slave out of this life mostly craves

By your love your slave is content and ample pleased



Listen to this sensual tune by Enya – Only time

p.s. Time in Arabic also means God.


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