The Heart That Lives / Burns

Hallucinating again in the vast abyss of the night

Squashed by a train of memories

Slain on the tracks bringing hopes to the land of naught

Life churns out liveliness beneath my heartbeats

I wonder why is life such a faithful mate

I am forced to stand up…collect my invisible scattered portrait

I am lurking at the corners of lust in a pessimist suit

Contemplating the walls in case they may talk, or walk, or just collapse on me

Then I would celebrate my death under the walls of my illogical dreams

How many times had they fallen and rebuilt themselves on my ruins?

It is just my poor attempts to live which cannot make me die

I hang beneath the squeeze of the two lines

So fine it chokes the life out of me…yet I am still alive

Breathing the lies they fume in my hollow atmospheres

They lit in my heart like candles … it is the usual outset

My heart is full of forever burning candles

It is burning!!!

It was the light I thought guided me through the pathways to the land of promise

It is the promise which I countlessly conquered

Now it is the fire eating all residue of reason

My heart is only a big stony lump of charcoal

Burning anytime you fest on a Barbecue season

I am fragmented … shaped in an unshattered whole

Sleeping wounds under stacks of hay

Fling open at the most fainting sound of a holler

My wounds are my recruited soldiers for a chronic pain

I had sworn to endure the severity … never show a sign of dismay

It wouldn’t matter if I scambled my way all through my life till death is my gain

I am the heart that survives seasons anew like when spring matures in May

Thought the most fitting is Clint Mansell’s genius track of The Fountain


6 thoughts on “The Heart That Lives / Burns

  1. Your imagery is fantastic, so real, I love the line about the scattered portrait and your heart like coal. This is a very powerful, moving poem that I could read over and over again and still come away with the power of your words, image and message. Well done!

    1. Wow..There’s a wide open smile on my face now. I am glad you think so. Suppose it’s the pain that brings out the best within. Thanks for stopping by..Appreciate it immensly.

  2. “How many times had they fallen and rebuilt themselves on my ruins?” I simply enjoyed this line. Out of context it is amazing, within context it is awe inspiring. My tongue was hanging out from start to finish. I feel a pain in my heart.

  3. “My heart is full of forever burning candles / It is burning!!!”

    I would have liked to have been there when you wrote these 2 lines. (? or maybe it was not as much as what i read in them). Either way, great work and looking to read more.

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