The Forbidden Dance

In love with two men – a man of god and the devil’s imposter – two faces of a coin – salvation pressed in eternal slumber beneath the grip of human-like-monsters –  accuse me not of cursing converts – I had listened well to their murmurs – all for god or so they pretended – forbidden fruit is what they made of me – chasing my scent in every alley – strayed by desire from piety – murdered innocence by their dysfunctional self-righteousness – I am taking the blame for my choking affection – they suffocate under my velvet grip – they confuse me with redemption – criticize my imperfections – omitting the holes of filth in their humanly characters – perhaps I am drowning in the realm of my imperfections – what does it make them – holy ghosts floating in translucent justice? – I’m a forbidden mercy on the land of curses – the vapor condensed in their merciless weathers – I cry them silence in north facing rivers– end up crucified on ice bergs and mountains of their unforgiving creed / unjustified vengeance – they hate me so much when I’m only a dancer – forbade my swaying in spaces of a risk diver – took my hands like a lady in a ball room – suddenly dressed like fighters – whirling in circles of my self-loathing frailty – in a total collapse of honor left a heart so mournful – the wait is so bitter – aging patience beneath my organs – turning ancient like the biggest of the pyramids – it is not the wait rather my honor – my pride – my heart – my youth – my GOD I am only human – I am a soul forbidden to love by their command – who has the final word on this land – I know I am tested – those prayers were never answered – thankful as I can only be – a solitary dancer in an audienceless theatre – the happiest of endings it must be – than hovering around happiness with love gangsters and Hollywood hero-wanna-be’s.


Inspired by the soundtrack of the turkish tv series “Forbidden Love”




6 thoughts on “The Forbidden Dance

  1. “I am drowning in the realm of my imperfections.” I would ask of you who does not? Such power, emotions, love, & hate found in these words should be criminal or immortalized. I was struck by the juxtaposition of the men, heroes or “gangster wannabes.” I felt sorrow for the heroine & all her splendid frailties; her imperfections moved me to great love. How can one be so misused? I’d like to encourage you to submit this one & share with readers across the globe your imperfect, perfect beauty.

  2. WOW is so powerful, strong lines..covered with layers of beauty,i am really speechless..reading your soul pouring in here is a constant delight my fellow ROCK..:)
    thank you so much for sharing it with me amazing poet!

    i am deeply moved with this one.

  3. Very moving, gripping, powerful. When I read it I felt like I was on a high speed car chase. This is my favorite poem that you’ve written so far.

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