If I had the liberty to choose prior to my creation – I would be water – the liquid, the term, the definition, the force and the feebleness.

I would be abundant and scarce – steep and deep –  rain, hail and overwhelm, contain – never contained, rush and sweep – shallow and deceptive – enliven and kill – freeze – melt and boil.

Only time controls me – temperature never withhold me.

I would run in the fields racing against the wind – challenging the heat of the sun to hurry immerse the lands before it dry up and ruin the tired man’s harvest.

I would drown the traitor and float the believer.

There will be times I am pure and times I stink. There will be times I am smooth as silk and times my roars frighten the king of the jungle.

There will be times I’ll be greater than any other creation on earth, even the giants of mountains I bear them in my boundless belly and eat them, slowly.

Man knows its only a matter of time.

I’ll be the intruder, the earth’s indispensible partner.

I’ll be the world’s hooker quench whoever pays fat and better.

I will fail to live up to my end of the bargain, I dry, I disappear – they shed their blood over me and I keep vanishing,  as much as I will flood far beyond man’s capacity.

I rush – keep rushing to where those thinking creatures can’t trace me or detain me or drink me or bottle me or pollute me.

I am free and shall remain that. The only reason I can’t satisfy them is I’m bloodless, soulless.

I am only water…



3 thoughts on “Water

  1. Once again all I can say is wow. If you are water then I would choose to be the soil that soaks you up, the river you feed, oceans that carry your load, and seas that envy you. If you choose water, then I choose to be near you.

  2. You maginificent poetic skills beat me by far. Such a great response – poetically spontaneous and warm 🙂

  3. Water..our powerful sign my beautiful poet..:) so yes it is our point of strength,we are all (water signs ) SO much like water..we flow within the universe and create life and death.YOUR piece is AMAZINGLY MIND STIRRING 🙂 I can so much relate to it and your words are as deep..i love it ya May! everytime i read you i feel proud, Our beautiful Egypt still has so much talented minds 🙂

    you are gifted and i am honored to be your reader 🙂

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