The Day I Raged

I woke up to a burning sunlight

Silenced howling fear within me

Stood tall before you

Driven by the monster of your creation in me

Your power outweighs mine

But my passion for this blessed land can flood gold mines

You confuse patience with humiliation

I know I had to correct you

Teaching you the hard way about re-exploring me

Is what you taught me all through our history

Too late when I lived years licking your stinky shoes

Kicked my pride across corners of your corrupt capital

Wore my heart on my sleeve

Dived into my brothers waves of anger

Wouldn’t care less if my neck is what your mad dogs chase after

No, its not their revolution

It is their revolution, plus my revolution and our bloody anger

Waited longer than camels in Sahara without water

Maybe I am a speaking animal but my thirst won’t stand any longer

Because of you I am a walking encyclopedia of human mockery

They laugh at me, beat me, crucify me, kill me and turn my ashes into their wine pottery

Haven’t you had enough of this insanity?

I feel sorry for the day you and I stand before Him

We’d both negotiate mercy

The one that seemed like rain in the desert on one of your drought days

I trust there would be no bleaker than a tyrant’s destiny

You should know

One true death awaits me

Don’t care if my raging shakes our fake complacency

I shall die – pride is my best ally

Promise kneeling no more before the false deity

May Kosba

That Day I Raged – (Fine Arts)

Kianga Ellis reading



8 thoughts on “The Day I Raged

  1. May ….

    This is a very powerful piece ….it moved. You’re a great writer. I see that ever increasing when I read your work. Sister, I am so far out of your league, but I am glad to know you and your work!


  2. I had to fight back anguish but then I decided to let it rip… Rip the scab from my heart. Hurt me as they have hurt you and your people. How can a nation, people, culture do this? Now my nation travels backwards towards the same future as your nation’s present. tears alone cannot do justice to these words. Anger maybe justified but still impotent against the rage of this piece. I humbly submit to the moving life of your words.

  3. This is such a touching piece, your words are so illustrative and the anger/frustration built from within expose an innocent individual, emotionally hurt because of selfishness and greed. One day May Kosba, one day the whole world will be at peace. When is a good question. Until such a time, we as the humane human race must strive to do good, say good, help good, be and believe that Good will prevail. Amen. Stay strong girl, you have a whole nation behind your heartfelt positive ambitions.

  4. I only recently found out that may kosba is may powers, that piece is just awesome …I am amazed I never knew u had this talent. Really pround that I once knew and worked with you. WAY TO GO POWER PUFF:D

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