Love’s tears drip on his skin

Countless failures in destiny wait his will out

I watch his weakness glare down on my fate

Each drop is a falling brick out of the wall

In my heart they fall

Building impossibilities

Conspiracies in disguise

I linger in this moment of perfect silence

Amid the nearness of our distance

Shielding his fading faith in survival

Making my way through his shattered walls of protection

While he cultivates a past perfect future

Commemorating my forfeiture

He cries out – I cry inside

An empire in ruins sleeps in my heart and his conscience

I am his knightess in shining armor

Who came for their promise to salvage

 I wipe the tears of the crocodile

They pour unto my lips unending turmoil

Taste so bitter on my truthful tongue

Hurricane blowing behind his eyes fail to meet my Nile

Succumbing to will-bending lies so versatile

I am defeated on my own land

My kingdom he overstands

Cried me a river of pain

Submerged all chances of survival

Ignorant to the book of pain

Of which I’ve become an avid disciple

 May K.