Hearts on Her Socks

It hails outside a window in her freezing house

Warmness in her heart ceases to reach her cold feet

It is a cold night indeed

Escapes the cold under thick blankets

Locks herself up in a room

Never been so darkened

Unaware of what had sent the glooms under her rainbowish ceilings

Her cold body slips under the covers

Fading beneath the layers

An attempt to hide a prideful desire in flames

It is a lonely night she feels

Finally seeks refuge

In eaten fantasies and memories

Eaten by time, pain, pride or fear

Fear of sin

Sin begets sin

And so on

Feeding off the bits and pieces of good old memories

Is the least she can achieve of happiness

Perhaps send itches of desire to a calm retreat

The least of sins are thoughtful ones

A marble body lies on her cold bed

Unturned gem

Only not in the dirt

Even in the wildest moments of time

Roars down her throat she swallows

Lying there like a mummy

History exposed in a museum of painful endings

She remains unturned

You must envy her perseverance

She masters the wait

Never compete with a woman keen to preserve her slate

Seduction at this hour

A hazard to her Godly pact

Though this Oceanus chaos versus reason

There are facts

Skin aches to touch

Lips long to part

Flower impatient to blossom

Unyielding yearning

For a season so far apart

Blue with suppression

One of her excellent skills

Bury it all inside

She smiles “what a beautiful coffin!”

And what a cold coffin!

Sleep is the best solution

Before some fool ignites a revolution

Lit up the fire in her holly devotion

Prayers are her favorite of soul lotions

Rouses – ablutes – prays – then back

Bidding sleep a warm welcome

Soon retrieves the previous situation

This is a curse or worse

Cold feet electrocute her blinks

Pursued cold all over her body down to the end

Astounded at the sight of her pair of socks

Red hearts blaze with envy on it

Stole all warmth once coated her naked veins.

May K.

Arabic tune by Wael Kfoury