The Two Faced Perceptions

The clock counts down till zero, the New Year creeps in, million wishes and prayers ascend to the skies, calling for love, peace and stability to prevail. The world bids the New Year welcome with sheer optimism in the hopes that this year is better than the last.

Some have given up already on the thought, thinking that, as the world gets older the picture is never brighter, but gloomier. When it only seems that history’s best game is to repeat itself with ten times shoddier scenarios, not leaving a spot in the world damageless. Leaving too little room for us humans to dare have wishful thought of the future.

As soon as we turn our heads away from the dying moments of the passing year, yet again nature awaits man in the dark and invites him to play in an unfair game which steals away all sense of complacency. You suddenly wake up to the most shocking news: “a fierce earthquake hits Haiti hard.” Some start wondering “where on earth is Haiti?” and if the shocking news was too agonizing, then what about Haitians?! The world then sympathizes and competes to save the people and the country in all sorts of ways.

The wide picture displays humans saving each other together to get through such a demonic ordeal, not knowing that nature had tricked us again, and the message it sends, “with all the magical beauty nature has, its might outweighs man’s knowledge and force by far.”

The other good-will message could be “help humans reduce the gaps and tension across the universe and realize that no matter how high or low man’s power reaches, it reaches to a certain limitation.”

On the other side, where nature plays no part, perhaps only luring man to more greediness, or discrimination, or colonization, or imposing isolating behaviors such as: Egypt’s construction of a wall on the Gaza Strip border, civil war in Yemen that spreads to Saudi Arabia, Israeli settlements continuing in Palestine, a dull incident that transforms into the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Upper Egypt, a ban on minarets’ construction in Switzerland, constant unrest in Africa, US troops scattered across the planet, and so forth, as if human’s evil creativity is on the rise.

So why would ever nature be so peaceful and stable when man is not?!

It is comical when the New Year’s best wishes of peace and stability are severely relative and shallow. Mostly, springing from quite a narrow individualistic perspective of stability. In other words, humans’ sense of stability is normally tied to their best interest, which also means that someone’s definition of peace might very well endanger someone else’s peacefulness and stability, if some don’t have it drastically destroyed already.

What a paradox! It holds many people accountable to make peace, especially the ones who are keen to make a change in their world despite how big their world is. The very dilemma certainly does not divide the world into peace people and war people, and those misplaced in between. It simply means that everyone fights in their own way to keep their comfort zone spacious and controllable. The matter which makes keeping comfort zones another way of making peace at least with/for one’s self. The thought very much combines all people. Thus, war people are no different from peace people as they both act upon their relative knowledge of making peace in their zone. The two parties’ intentions, actions and goals are far from combined nonetheless. What speaks to each party’s goals are people’s education, ideologies, culture, religion, climate, geography, and childhood. Yes, Childhood! No wonder most conflicts come with a very primitive nature between scarcity and abundance, lighter and darker.

How depressing it is to think that education, liberation, and science failed to surpass all the differences and blockades illusively demolished by man, and instead of bringing more gracefulness to humanity, it keeps setting the world against each other, causing more divisions to little nations, tribes, groups, labels, colors, races, sexes, and new invented forms of slavery, etc…in order to create a greater accessibility to easier brainwashing and control for more greediness and consumerism across the universe, which apparently serve a certain group of people. So for example instead of regarding humans as a crucial earthly resource for development, science is currently used to depopulate the universe in order to feed some people’s arrogance and keep their comfort zone bigger and protected. After decades of having people undergo an epic of tolerating violence and resisting colonialism and giving theatrical examples of achieving liberation, it is time for them to disappear.

Diabolic! The devil’s work is typically intriguing. With this, man’s passion for power is an unquenched thirst. Sadly, power greed only increases those men’s sense of peace and stability, according to their perception of making peace in their world. Disregarding the horrific consequences of other men’s perception of peace and stability as well, it is like someone’s plan backfires and results into more destruction, and the show goes on and on and on and into a vicious circle of blood shedding, and time wasting. It attempts to determine who is the fittest to survive the toughest blow.

As time passes us by, it would be too late to realize that during everyone’s undue use of violence to keep their “peacefulness” overprotected, all earthly wealth has been burned alive and bidden farewell into the ground. At that end, no more questioning who lost the bid.

The original post is found on this link The Two Faced Perceptions on El-Waref Institute.


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