We Have A Dream

We have a Dream!
We dream … of a country full of freedom.
The kind of Freedom which speaks to Egyptians’ needs and rights, achieves justice, equality, and puts the law above all.
We came thousand miles away from a country ripe with history, men and women who were leaders and once dared to dream, to a country where the dream actually came true (a country that is a leading model of modernization, democracy and diversity).
When the fellows and myself first came here, we questioned how can we although our differences unite to one goal. I am pointing at differences such as age, religion, and professional expertise, noting that my group represents different levels of the Egyptian community on both cultural and ideological levels. Some of us are lawyers, journalists, engineers, researchers, pharmacists, activists ect. We all just happen to strongly believe in reform.
We thought that diversity of our ideas would at some point impede our personal goals which we came here to fulfill. However, despite every individual’s fear of not coming to common ground upon which Egypt’s New Generation should stand, throughout trainings, meetings and discussions within the past three amazing weeks of the fellowship, we realized that all of us strive for freedom which can not be granted but must be achieved.
We firmly believe freedom and reform can only be realized when there is an empowered civil society and a new generation of reformers who are grounded in their faith and freedom. We trust this will come with the international community’s ultimate support. This will come when you put yours hands in ours. We strongly believe that with your continuing support, encouragement and expertise, eventually, we will share the moment of a dream finally coming true.
All we need is hope. As Mustafa Kamel once said, “hope is the guide to life and the road to freedom.”
And if you ask me, whether we can or not struggle for freedom?  I am telling you, Yes we can!
*A speech given at Freedom House
For more information about the event read the article:
Remarks With Visiting Egyptian Democracy Activists Before Their Meeting  with Secretary of State  Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton
The original post is found here We Have A Dream – El-Waref Institute

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